Thursday, 21 February 2008

2008 Toyota Crown and new Crown Hybrid in Japan

Toyota’s flagship Crown luxury sedan has undergone a makeover for 2008/09, with the large size executive saloon being offered with Toyota’s famed 'Hybrid Synergy Drive' from May 2008 onwards in Japan.

The petrol-driven Crown Royal series are available in 3.0L V6 and 2.5L V6 forms, while the ‘sportier’ Crown Athlete series are powered by a 2.5 V6 or a top-range 3.5L V6. All petrol engines are mated to an electronically-controlled (super-ECT), 6-speed automatic transmission.

Meanwhile, the new Crown Hybrid is equipped with a 3.5L V6 married to a high performance electric motor. Toyota claims that this RWD luxury limo is able to give the driving performance of a 4.5L saloon with the frugal fuel consumption of a 2.0L sedan!

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BMW.Toyota said...

WOW! I like it! If only this is available in Bolehland....