Monday, 4 June 2007

All-New Peugeot 308

Peugeot will unveil an all-new replacement for its 307, the 308 at the Frankfurt International Motor Show 2007 this September. The exterior styling of this latest Pug seems more evolutionary (the 307 already has a sharp-looking visage) while the interior adopts a play-safe theme. External aesthetics takes much cue from the junior sibling, the new 207, with an even sharper nose ‘cone’, more slanty headlights and a larger-deeper grille-cum-airdam. The rear bumper now wears - a ‘modern’ must-have these days - a lower apron that appears to be an aerodynamic diffuser.

On the dashboard, the circular air vents give the 308 a classy retro feel, while the sat-nav LCD display folds-away when not in use, affording an uncluttered contour to the dash's clean design. Peugeot did not reveal any technical specs, but varied sources concur that the 308 will make good use of the 207's range of engines: 1.6L 120hp, 1.6L 150hp turbo and a 2.2L 170hp turbodiesel, mainly for the European market.

This all-new French hatchback will go on sale as a 2008 model in most markets worldwide.

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