Thursday, 22 February 2007

Spied: Mercedes-Benz W212 E-Class

By Dr Long

The successor to the current W211 E-Class isn't expected to make its official public appearance until the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. Codenamed unsurprisingly - in an ascending numerical tag - as W212, right hand drive units are predicted to roll off production line only by early 2010. Yet, DaimlerChrysler AG has been caught busy with its development work of late.

In trend with current developments seen in the new C-Class (W204) and the facelifted E-Class (W211), Mercedes is expected to standard-fit a more conventional braking system (Adaptive Brake), as the electro-hydraulic SBC set-up has proved expensive to make and maintain (costly recalls and upgrade). Electronic driver aids - ala the W221 S-Class – like advanced stability control, night vision assist and lane departure warnings will be standard in the higher end line up.

Styling is expected to take leads from the latest S-Class plus the just-premiered C-Class, with more sculpted bumpers, bulging wheel arches and more sharp-edge lines. Design cues like decked-on bonnet (as seen in the B, C and R-Class), chromed window frames and distinct rising flank lines are probably omnipresent too.

Engine range is expected to be topped by the same V8 found in the E63 AMG, being normally aspirated. However, it is still too early to predict whether the supercharged M271 all-aluminium engine will soldier on for the ‘entry-level’ models come 2010. Predictions are abound that Mercedes-Benz will likely introduce direct injection - for its petrol engines – with turbocharging as well for the smaller capacity blocks. For the European market mainly, diesel CDI variants will carry over Merc’s greener BLUETEC technology.

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